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Born in Chicago, Illinois and had a baseball bat in my hands at four years old.  I played flag football, basketball, and baseball.  Not until I was 12 did I start learning about travel, AAU, and club sports.  I played travel baseball for three years, but baseball was not exciting to me.  I played basketball and immediately loved it.  I asked my parents if I could give up football and baseball to only focus on basketball.  They were heartbroken but supported me in my decision.

I attended a high school that had four thousand students.  As a freshman, I tried out for the basketball team.  I participated in a summer league that was run by the high school, which prepared players for high school tryouts.  I did not make the team and reasons I heard were too small, need to improve ball handling and try again next year.  I was discouraged, but then my mom found an AAU team in Waukegan, IL and Coach George.  By the time my mom saw the opportunity the tryouts have completed, but Coach George said that he would have a 1x1 tryout for me.  The gym was an hour from my home.  I usually get car sick but still wanted to go.  My mom drove me and once we arrive Coach George started having me run.  I threw up four times during my tryout but picked myself up and got back on the floor to play.  Coach George was amazed by my determination.  He offered me a spot on the team.  Since that day, the experience I have had with every coach was exceptional.  They helped me to develop into the player I am today.  I want to offer that same guidance in return to another player, thank you, Coach George, Coach Sam, Coach Dmitry, and Coach Greene.

When I moved here in 2016, I attended Ovilla Christian School and played varsity basketball.  I have also found another travel team to continue to build my skills.  Being a Senior, this was my last season playing.  Ovilla Christain Varsity Team went undefeated and won District.  One game away from final four our season ended when we lost. In my senior year, I received a few awards, TAPPS Rookie of the Year, and Second Team All-District.

My next steps in my life, I am a freshman at SAGU in Waxahachie TX major is Sport Management, and I will continue to be on the court as a coach.  I want to give back as my coaches have given me.  I have started an AAU Basketball Team in Midlothian TX, called the Wildcats.  The Wildcats first season (Apr-Jun) 2018 I had one team mixed with 5th & 6th graders. My first team had eight players, and we participated in 9 tournaments. 

The Wildcats second season (Aug-Nov) 2018 we grew to 2 teams a 6th grad and a 7th-grade team.  One of my objectives is to help all of my kids make their school ball teams.  As of our first year, 98% of our boys made their teams.  I was a volunteer coach at Canterbury Episcopal School, DeSoto TX.  I helped with the 5&6 boys, Middle School Boys, and Varsity who went to State.  Coach Sweet has been a tremendous impact and friend.  I am very grateful for what he has shared with me.

​My focus is to help kids to improve on their fundamental skills, to focus on teamwork, and to build confidence.  Basketball is not an individual sport; you cannot win a game with one player you need five players on the court, "TEAMB4ME".  The way to build that united 5 is through trust and teamwork.  

I cannot do this alone.  My support system, mom and dad help support my dreams and are always there for me.  My parents continue to support me as I have grown my organization.  As I build my organization and brand, I will need Coaches that can help deliver the same philosophy that I have to their teams and coaches that believe in the same direction.